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Patient Testimonials

Reviews from Dr. Rapoport's Patients


"Best eye doctor in New York!"
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"Dr. Rapoport is a breath of fresh air in a field so often devoid of patience and bedside manner. I visited Dr. Rapoport after months of eye irritation that I couldn't identify, and other doctors simply glossed over. After a very thoughtful, thorough examination, she identified the culprit and provided me with a clear, prescriptive path to improvement. It's clear she is incredibly well-trained and knows her stuff, but beyond that, she made me feel safe, heard, and was just generally lovely to be around. I could not recommend her highly enough!"
C.D., verified patient
"Best medical experience I've ever had"
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Dr. Rapoport is a skilled, knowledgeable, sincerely caring medical professional. I started seeing her a year ago and have since moved out of state. Regardless, it’s a priority for me to continue under her good care. I feel confident in her abilities - and it is my eyesight afterall
Clarisa P., verified patient
I'm a physician myself, twice Dr. Rapoport's age, so I've had opportunities to see many opthalmologists over the years. And I give Dr. Rapoport very high ratings. She is resourceful, coming up with ever-new ways to treat a minor condition I have, the definitive treatment for which is surgery. But who wants surgery? I'm sure she'd make much more money doing the simple surgical procedure, but she's trying to avoid it. And I'm appreciative. As a person, she is straightforward and easy to talk to.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Rapoport. She makes a patient feel at ease and genuinely cares about one’s well being. It is always good to see a doctor who acts that way.”

Leigh Ann B., verified patient
“Dr. Yuna is always great. Highly recommend her."
Daniel B., verified patient
“Great office and staff!"
Carole M., verified patient

“Thorough and nice!”

“Very thorough and answered any questions I had.”
Patricia M., verified patient

“Dr. Rapoport and her assistant were so helpful and thorough! I'll definitely be back.”

Melody L., verified patient

“Comfortable office. Great team. Dr. Rapoport and her assistant were clear and thorough, and made me feel at ease.”

Tito M., verified patient

“I had a great experience with Dr. Rapoport. She has excellent bedside manner and explained things/ answered all of my questions thoroughly.”

Leigh Ann B., verified patient
“The most thorough eye exam that I've ever had. Attentive and very competent doctor. All the staff were also well qualified.”
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“She was very nice and took time to answer all of my questions. Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend this place!?

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“Very warm and easy to talk to. I had a very thorough exam and all questions were answered. Dr. Rapoport, her tech/assistant, and office staff were great.”
Karin J., verified patient

“I “upgraded” my annual eye exam to an Ophthalmologist this year and I’m very happy I chose Dr. Rapoport. She is very competent, thorough, and professional.

George D., verified patient
“Extremely knowledgeable, helpful doctor and staff. Will 100% see her again.”
Linea K., verified patient
“Wonderful doctor. Terrific staff. Both technicians were extremely friendly, thorough, and professional. Dr. Rapaport was great as well. Definitely found my next eye doctor after going through a few!!.”
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"Great outcome on Lasik"
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"I couldn't be happier with my Lasik outcome"
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"I've been essentially blind my whole life and recently decided to get elective eye surgery. I unfortunately did not qualify for Lasik, but did qualify for PRK. Dr. Rapoport was fantastic - she explained all my options in detail and was very diligent in giving me instructions pre/post operations - even when I asked twice/three times. She's always available to talk and super empathetic. I could not recommend a better eye surgeon!"

Mai V., verified patient
"I strongly recommend Dr. Rapoport if you are considering LASIK, or if you are simply in need of a great eye doctor.”
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“I have now seen Dr. Rapoport for dry eyes, removal of papillomas around my eyes, and Lasik surgery. My experiences with her have all been wonderful. She always takes the time to explain everything really clearly, and my results have all been great. When I originally asked about Lasik, she gave me a very balanced perspective on my options, which I really appreciated. She also has a great energy about her, and she's just an overall pleasure to be around. I have referred several friends and family to her and they've all said great things about her as well. I can't recommend her enough.”

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"After seeing Dr. Rapoport for three months I have experienced the greatest improvement for my dry eye syndrome than I have in the past 15 years. Dr. Rapoport is very knowledgable and caring. I am very grateful to her and her staff, in particular to Amy, who has been incredibly helpful to me. Everyone here conducts themselves in a highly professional manner, and they also run a tight ship in terms of timeliness. I have been seen every time without waiting any more than 5 minutes, and this I appreciate a lot. I feel very fortunate to be a patient at this medical practice"
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"My dry eye syndrome has greatly improved , thanks to the medical skill and persistent attention from Dr Rapoport . Along with being medically astute she was also empathic and encouraging , phone calls were promptly returned . She was always available for walk in appointments , making a place for me in her schedule . i feel very fortunate to be her patient.”

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"I am a long time Sjogren's sufferer, and patient of Dr. Rapoport's. For those that don't know, Sjogren's is a progressive disease that causes severe dry eye, as well as dehydration of other organs in your body. Dr. Rapoport is well-versed in the disease and its symptoms, and she treats every infection, irritation, and doctor's visit with kindness and professionalism. She is very thorough while being warm, kind, and gentle and her disposition is always very soothing, which means so much to me. She is always so supportive, whether by calling to follow-up on my progress or making herself available any time I have to contact her. No matter what the situation she is always patient and attentive . In essence, Dr. Rapoport's bedside manner" makes an unbearable situation bearable. G_d bless her on her kindness and professionalism."
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"I was on vacation in New York City and was lucky enough to find Dr. Rapoport through a referral. She was so attentive to my emergent corneal issue and took such great care of me, making sure to call my ophthalmologist back home to consult with him. She reassured me the entire way and even called the following day to check up on me. The office was quick and thorough in getting the medications sent."
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"I sought Dr. Rapoport's expertise regarding a procedure on an eyelid. I had sought several opinions and appreciated Dr. Rapoport's approach. While many other ophthalmologists wanted to do a procedure/ operate right away, she advised a wait and see approach and my issue resolved! I always trust a conservative approach from a doctor and that is why I trust Dr. Rapoport!"
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"I had a very good experience with Dr Rapoport. I had an eye infection and was on a time crunch. Her staff was very understanding and made sure I was seen on time. I will go back again and make her my primary eye doctor. She was patient and explained everything clearly."
Jonathan S., verified patient

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