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As far as wrinkle treatments go, there is no denying that Botox is a household name. However, there are alternatives to Botox available. Below are some of the alternatives.



What Is Dysport?

Dyport, similar to Botox, is also a neurotoxin and an injection that is used to soften the frown line and dynamic wrinkles. It is used to decreased the appearance of wrinkles that occur when muscles contract and treat all the muscle groups mentioned above.

How does Dysport differ from Botox?

  • Clinical studies show that Dysport lasts as long as Botox. However, in practice, some people note that Dysport lasts a little longer than Botox.
  • The time of onset of Dysport is slightly faster than in Botox. Effects are seen within 2-3 days with Dysport, and longer.
  • Both have a peak onset of about 2-3 weeks.
  • Treatment with Dysport requires higher dosing to get a similar result, but with appropriate dosing, each gives effective final results.
  • Dysport has a unique characteristic called the feathering effect, which has both pros and cons. 

What is Dysport's feathering effect?

The feathering effect means that the effects taper off as you go further away from the injection site. This means that the medication could migrate to affect a muscle that was not intended to be injected. For example, if Dysport is injected too low above an eyebrow, that eyebrow can droop. Or if it is injected too low in the Crow’s feet, the muscles involved in smiling on that side can be affected. This can occur with Botox as well, however the chance with Dysport is higher. It is important to remember that all risks of neurotoxins are temporary and they resolve within 3 months.

What's the benefit of the feathering effect?

The potential benefit of the feathering effect is a more natural appearance. By naturally feathering itself as the edges, there is less of a dividing line between untreated and treated areas. With Botox, occasionally what can happen is that the treated muscle is smooth while the areas around the muscles wrinkle. This happens on occasion with the frontalis muscle; the frontalis or forehead muscle is completely smooth providing a rectangular box appearance, while there are slight wrinkles in the areas right around this.
With Botox, Dr. Rapoport avoids this effect by microdosing the amounts injected at the edges of the treated muscle so there is no clear demarcation line between treated and untreated areas.
Cost is similar between Dysport and Botox.


What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau “the nouveau” or modern/ new Botox, is the newest neurotoxin on the market. It is almost the same as Botox since both are extracted from the same type of bacteria. Jeuveau is a 900 kDa purified FDA-approved botulinum toxin formula type A which can improve the appearance of wrinkles.

How does Jeuveau differ from Botox?

  • Jeuveau is unique in that it was created and approved solely for aesthetic purposes. Thus, the pricing is a bit more flexible.
  • Jeuveau is injected into the same exact muscles as the ones listed above.
  • There is no indicated time of onset or duration, however in practical use, the time of onset and length of results is about the same as Botox. The effectiveness of the neurotoxin was not measured in terms of time period, since this was not required by the FDA.
  • Jeuveau and Botox can be easily interchanged because they conntain the same efficacy profile. There have been no new reported complications with Jeuveau as compared with Botox.



Botox Alternatives with Dr. Rapoport in NYC

With years of focused medical and surgical training, Dr. Rapoport possess a unique knowledge of the fragile anatomy of the muscles around the eyes. If you are choosing your Botox cosmetic injector, remember that an ophthalmologist (and a physician)’s extensive knowledge of facial anatomy may maximize your outcome.

Dr. Rapoport sees many “first timers” and her soothing nature and coaching through the process will make you feel comfortable. She performs a very soft treatment for first timers and tailors each plan to individually suit each patient. Most importantly, you will love the results! With a conservative approach and an eye for beauty herself, Dr. Rapoport provides the most natural results. 

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