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Blepharitis is quite common among people with oily skin, dandruff or dry eye conditions. Additionally, you may have mucus buildup in the morning and puffy eyelids. Occasionally, clogged meibomian glands can lead to styes. 



What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis, or meibomian gland dysfunction, may cause irritation of the ocular surface similar to dry eye. However, proper diagnosis is required because treatment of blepharitis is different. Blepharitis is inflammation of the lid margin. Common symptoms can include burning, itching, redness and tearing. Findings during our exam can include lid thickening, crusting, oily dandruff on the lashes, foamy tears, lash loss and redness of both the white part of the eye and the eyelid margin. Your eyelids can become red and swollen or feel like they are burning.
If you have a swollen painful eyelid, you may have a stye. These are very common and can lead to an uncomfortable heavy feeling and an embarrassing appearance. Timely and effective treatment is key to getting rid of these early so they do not become exacerbated and difficult to treat. 

What to Expect?

At Manhattan Eye, Dr. Rapoport provides individualized treatment to each stye and provides a customized prevention plan to ensure that the underlying condition of clogged oil glands is treated and the stye does not recur again. By focusing on a wellness prevention approach, Dr. Rapoport allows for a more conservative treatment plan. Dr. Rapoport also provides facetime consultation if you are not able to make it into the office for these uncomfortable situations.



Blepharitis with Dr. Rapoport in NYC

Blepharitis is an ongoing (chronic) condition and prevention is key. Dr. Rapoport provides guidance, detailed explanation of the condition, and focuses on keeping his condition under control so it does not flare up leading to styes, red and irritated eyelids, and an unsightly condition.