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Experience modern, compassionate care from an experienced eye surgeon. Dr. Yuna Rapoport offers the latest vision correction technologies in her Manhattan-based facility with expertise and compassion for every patient. Save $800 on the procedure by scheduling a free consultation or taking our self-test.

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Transforming lives with precision vision correction, delivering unparalleled care and remarkable outcomes for patients.

“Great outcome on Lasik.”

“I strongly recommend Dr. Rapoport if you are considering LASIK, or if you are simply in need of a great eye doctor.””I strongly recommend Dr. Rapoport if you are considering LASIK, or if you are simply in need of a great eye doctor.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my Lasik outcome”

“I have now seen Dr. Rapoport for dry eyes, removal of papillomas around my eyes, and Lasik surgery. When I originally asked about Lasik, she gave me a very balanced perspective on my options, which I really appreciated. She also has a great energy about her, and she’s just an overall pleasure to be around. I have referred several friends and family to her and they’ve all said great things about her as well. I can’t recommend her enough.”

“I’ve been essentially blind my whole life and recently decided to get elective eye surgery. I unfortunately did not qualify for Lasik, but did qualify for PRK. Dr. Rapoport was fantastic – she explained all my options in detail and was very diligent in giving me instructions pre/post operations – even when I asked twice/three times. She’s always available to talk and super empathetic. I could not recommend a better eye surgeon!”

“My experience with Manhattan Eye and Dr Yuna Rapoport was great. I had extreme nearsightedness, my prescription was -7 for the right eye and -8 for the left eye plus astigmatism. I did SMILE surgery 4 days ago and today I had my check up and my vision is 20/15 now. After wearing the contacts all my life I finally can see everything without them just after morning wake up.”

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Dr. Yuna Rapoport has performed many LASIK and other procedures over the past 10 years. Her medical expertise, technical proficiency, and passion for the industry’s most advanced vision correction technologies have garnered praise from patients and colleagues from around the world. She has been accepted to the “Trusted Lasik Surgeons Directory” and named “One of the Best Lasik Surgeons in America” by the Southwest Magazine.

During your consultation, you can take comfort knowing that Dr. Rapoport will perform several advanced diagnostic tests to clearly determine whether you’re a viable candidate for a vision correction procedure before making a recommendation based on your specific needs and situation. Because here at Manhattan Eye, our focus is always on you and your eyes.

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Procedures Offered

We offer a wide range of vision refractive services to
meet your needs, including:


Easily corrects very high prescriptions, causes 0 dry eye and has no recovery course


A popular procedure for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.


Especially thin or irregular
cataract surgery- tiny flexible lenses … that replace your existing cataract

icl lens
Dr. Yuna Rapoport


The preferred solution for patients with very high prescriptions or those with irregular corneas


A great solution for patients with presbyopia who need distance and reading glasses

Cataract Surgery

Tiny, flexible lenses that are 100% biocompatible and provide UV proection.

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As an eye care specialists, we understand that the potential costs of a laser refractive procedure might be a cause for concern. However, these interventions are not only beneficial for your vision, but are also surprisingly affordable. We strive to make this procedure accessible to everyone, and to that end, we have excellent financing plans in place. With our zero percent interest options, we can work together to find a payment solution that suits your financial situation.

During your initial consultation, we’ll assess whether you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure, and I’ll be more than happy to discuss in detail about the pricing and the financing options available. Our main aim is to ensure you’re completely at ease, well-informed, and confident before making any decisions about your eye health.

Financing Options

“I had a great experience with Dr. Rapoport during my entire refractive procedure process and would recommend to anyone in the area looking for LASIK.”


Lasik & Other
Procedures Performed


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LASIK Manhattan

Our Manhattan based LASIK surgery services offer care and solutions for different vision problems. We provide information regarding your medical treatment and we will walk you through the process. At Manhattan Eye, we value your time and give you the best LASIK services. Our Manhattan based vision correction center provides laser eye medical services that are quick and safe. We understand that the idea of laser eye surgery sounds daunting at first, but with our experienced and trained medical professionals, you can trust that you are receiving quality LASIK and eye care services.

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